Bathroom Taps

When it comes to decorating your house, bathroom taps are much more than a source of water. Your choice of tap is a chance to show your style and can lift even the plainest of bathroom suites to a whole new level.

The choice of bathroom taps available is huge, with something to suit almost any style you're looking for. From classic traditional taps with cross handle operation and enamel lettering to ultra-modern lever operated taps in the sleekest Italian styles, various stylish options are available.

Twin or Mixer Taps

Once you've chosen your period style, you can choose the way you want your water to flow. Twin tap sets feature separate hot and cold flows whilst combined mixer taps blend the two streams to create the perfect temperature. Mixer taps can be controlled individually with cross handles on each incoming pipe, or controlled by a single lever, with a continuous range from cold to hot.

Mixer taps are an ideal fitting for baths, avoiding the need to keep topping up with hot or cold to get the temperature right. Simply set your temperature from the start, and you can get in as soon as you like, knowing it will be perfect from the off. Fit a mixer tap to your bath and you can also incorporate a showerhead, for either rinsing your hair in the bath or as an over-bath shower.

Waterfall and LED Taps

For real style, consider a waterfall tap which flows water gently over an edge, rather than just dropping from the underside of the tap. You can even add waterfall taps with LED lights for a futuristic finish.

Freestanding Taps

These days taps don't even have to be attached to your bath, with a range of floor-mounted freestanding taps available to fill designer tubs. Perfect for claw-foot baths, double ended tubs and chic slipper baths, freestanding taps ensure that the smooth sophisticated lines of your bath are free of unsightly plumbing.