Rubber Ducks & Bath Toys

Rubber ducks and bath toys are designed to keep little ones entertained in the tub. Bright, colourful and specifically tailored to a younger audience, toys of this kind provide an educational and fun distraction during bath time.

Rubber ducks

A classic bath time toy, rubber ducks are available in a variety of designs including the traditional yellow ducks. If you are looking for novelty rubber ducks then there are plenty to choose from, such as Batduck and Christmas themed rubber ducks , including Santa ducks, snowman ducks, elf ducks and gingerbread man ducks.

Colour changing rubber duckies are also available, which magically transform according to the temperature of the water. These are fun both as miniature and oversized bath toys.

Bath floats

Bath floats can be used in baths, sinks, swimming pools and paddling pools alike with a large number of products featuring a water shooter for even more fun. Popular bath float designs embrace the underwater theme often featuring fish, dolphins, whales, seals, crocodiles and sharks, as well as frogs, hippos, turtles, starfish and more. Bath float games are also readily available as are mini floating footballs, rugby balls and other sporting equipment.


Animal bath props are as educational as they are entertaining. Figures which stick to the side of the bath come in many different designs, with the jungle creature collection featuring everything from lions and tigers to elephants and zebras. Novelty plug floats and character scrub mitts also make bath time amusing for kids, helping to make the daily routine a little less tedious and eliminate tears.

Boats and books

Easy to hold with tiny hands, bath boats can be bought individually or in multi-packs for maximum fun. They are suitable for playing with in and out of the bath tub, although they are designed to float on the water. Bath books can also be read at any time, but are ideal for the tub as they are waterproof. They come complete with short stories and bright illustrations, which are sure to entertain your child.