About the Company, Yahbooks Publishing, LLC

Yahbooks Publishing, LLC was established in 2001 by Eric Leebow as a book publishing company of a series of books known as the You Are Here series. Its mission is to provide the consumer with quality fun and educational Internet guide books. The You Are Here series, has been designed to make finding and utilizing information on the Internet an easy and enjoyable experience.

The Internet is a tremendous medium that connects us to our virtual world. It can be looked at as the world’s most informative library, the largest shopping mall, or even the world’s biggest entertainment complex. Simply said, the Internet is the greatest invention of the 20th century. Knowing the role the Internet plays in many of our lives and as it continues to influence us, Yahbooks Publishing will strive to uphold a position as a leader in providing consumers with quality paperback Internet guides.

Yahbooks Publishing originated with Eric’s dream to make a useful guide for college students as he was completing his degree. Out of Eric’s joy and fascination for the endless capabilities of the Internet, he spent countless hours researching the Internet to find some of the best sites for college students. When documenting and reviewing these sites, he created his first book, You Are Here College Internet Guide. Since writing the college book, Eric has dedicated his time writing other books to add to the expanding You Are Here series. Keep an eye out for more books to come in the You Are Here series.

About the book series:

The You Are Here series is a creation of Eric Leebow. Eric originally called it “[email protected] You Are Here” and it has since been simplified to “You Are Here.” Why is it called “You Are Here?” Eric first wrote the college guide and he wanted to make the book something that would relate well to incoming college students and current college students alike. The title adds a flare of creativity and promotes a positive theme. So he called it, “You Are Here.” Now, you are here reading this. It can simply be called [email protected], pronounced YAH. [email protected] is just a creative way to write the acronym for You Are Here. The books are easy to pick up at 5 1/2″ x 8 1/2″.