If I Should Die by Amy Plum – Book Review

If I Should Die

If I Should Die
By Amy Plum
May 7, 2013
Ages 12 and up
Reviewed: ARC






Ill admit, I am all sorts of confused when it comes to how I feel about IF I SHOULD DIE by Amy Plum. On one hand, the series has been my first real guilty pleasure since finishing the Twilight series a few years ago. On the other hand, though the series never totally took itself quite as serious as the aforementioned series did, I still found that I had a lot of the same issues with the revenants tale as I did the sparkly vampires. Long story, short: I had to suspend belief quite a bit while reading this ending to Kate and Vincents story, I may have even rolled my eyes once or twice, but these things still didnt dampen my overall enjoyment for this exciting conclusion.

Call me crazy, but I have never been one to swoon over the revenant characters within this series and that includes Vincent. True, while the lack of Vincents presence in Until I Die did get me down (and I will not say whether or not we will see much of him in this book) I think there is something about the fact that the revenants spend a few days every month in a corpse-like state (or perhaps the fact that they can have body parts hacked off, only to regenerate them like a lizards tail) that keeps me from completely gushing over the undead hotties in this series. Not to mention, many of the characters in these books come across as carbon copies of those whom I have read about before.

But like I said, Amy Plum writes a very exciting and well-planned conclusion to her story about humanity-saving undead teenagers. And she does-so in such a way that, while certainly dramatic and exciting, it never really takes itself 100% serious. This oftentimes humorous self-awareness probably contributes a large part to why I enjoy IF I SHOULD DIE as much as I do. Frequently, Amy peppers her dialogue and descriptions (and seemingly much more-so in this dramatic conclusion) with lines such as:

As soon as my friends were gone, my mind switched from their world a world of homework and proms and college applications back to my own. One where my safety was at risk because of an evil undead medieval teenager. For the hundredth time, I had the weirded-out feeling that I was living in a novel. In a scary, suspenseful story that I couldnt guess the end of for the life of me.

– If I Should Die, page 237

Kate may very well have been describing the novel she is actually living in, since the lines quoted above pretty much sum up the trilogy, dont you think? Well, except for the not guessing the ending bit. Sorry guys, but I saw that ending a mile away. BUT (big BUT) despite being slightly predictable, the storys conclusion is still rather suspenseful and oftentimes cringe-inducing. And lets just say that part two of the book is something else altogether. (Though, once you have had the chance to read IF I SHOULD DIE, I would love to know if you saw that twist coming just as I did.)

I LOVE the places that Kate visits in her adventures, including a trip to an underground mausoleum in Paris to the brightly lit streets of New York City and the metropolitan museum, and all the way back to the streets of Paris I enjoyed reading about Kates sleuthing efforts the most, as well as the descriptions of some ancient rituals performed within the book.

Another item worth mentioning: Although in some cases too brief and abrupt, every character receives some form of closure to their own personal back stories within these pages. Fans of Georgia, Arthur, Charlotte, Charles, Ambrose, Jean-Baptiste, Gaspard, Jules, Mamie, Papy, etc., your favorite characters will receive their HEA (or perhaps their not-so HEA who knows, right?) With this being said, Amy still leaves room for the possibility of short stories to be written for many of her secondary characters, or perhaps even a spin-off might be in order

Amy Plum can write, guys. And I do believe that, if she were to decide to write contemporary fiction rather than paranormal fiction that has (mostly) been done before, she will gain a life-long follower with this reader. Heck, even if she writes another paranormal, I will likely read it. A satisfying conclusion offering much more kick-butt action and suspense than the previous installments IF I SHOULD DIE will most likely be a fan favorite in the trilogy. I know it is mine.

Plot: 8
Characters: 8
Setting: 10
Pacing: 9
Style: 9

Grade: 94